Our kindergarten programs are a balance of investigation, exploration, guided practice, and explicit instruction


John Knox Christian School kindergarten students love coming to school! JKCS is a place where students live joyfully and celebrate the excitement of learning. We provide a stimulating, rich and safe environment in which children can develop academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Our program is balance of academic and play based learning and each child is recognized and celebrated for their unique gifts and abilities. He/she is encouraged to learn about and experience the world, to discover and develop his/her talents, to interact with others in a caring, Christian manner, and to enjoy and experience God's love.

Our kindergarten programs are a balance of investigation, exploration, guided practice, and explicit instruction. Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten students enjoy numerous engaging activities that integrate learning with real life contexts:

  • Teacher led circle time activities

  • Literacy training in phonemic awareness and early reading and writing strategies

  • Lessons targeted to develop number sense, numeracy, and math concepts

  • Spiritual development, Bible stories, prayer, songs and actions

  • Thinking and organizational development, sensory activities, matching and sequencing,

    exploring numbers 

  • Large and small group activities to promote self-directed learning and independence

  • Discussions and verbal sharing to enhance oral language and reasoning skills

  • French instruction from our French specialist

  • Creating art and participating in music and movement

  • Multi-sensory learning experiences

  • Time for inquiry and discovery

  • Physical development of fine and large motor skills

  • Relevant, engaging field trips


Developing social and communication skills is an important aspect of our kindergarten program.  Students learn the essential skills of friendship, independence, following instructions, and problem solving.  By the end of Senior Kindergarten, our students have a strong foundation for future academic learning and are well prepared for continued growth in Grade One.

Junior Kindergarten (Three or Five full days per week)

Senior Kindergarten (Four or Five full days per week)


Whether you enrol in the part time or full time option, your child will flourish in the John Knox Kindergarten program!
— John Knox Kindergarten Program