Progressive, Exceptional Christian Education


John Knox Christian School is committed to providing a Christ-centered education, rooted in the foundation that the Lord is the Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of our World. Our curriculum reflects the mission and vision of the school, and it therefore helps students understand the world in which they live, so they can learn to evaluate our culture and respond obediently to the call of responsive discipleship.

Our programs are designed to create authentic and rigorous learning experiences for all students. Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education’s expectations, and is supplemented by a variety of curriculum resources including that of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), and Christian Schools International (CSI).  We are dedicated to creating authentic and rigorous learning experiences for all students. 

Our classrooms will foster “High Quality Student Work”; putting less emphasis on the amount of material covered and memorized and more on making connections, thinking through issues, and solving problems. Learning will concentrate more on the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating).

We want our students to be reflective leaders of their own learning, supporting them to produce high-quality work as they complete their daily learning activities, set individualized goals, create projects, and author presentations.  Through our teaching, we target the traits of self-assessment, creativity, collaboration, effective communication skills, and critical thinking. Our approach to student learning encompasses characteristics from Differentiated Instruction, 21st Century Learning, Project Based Learning, and Expeditionary Learning.  Through all aspects of school living and learning, it is our vision to equip students to “learn, grow and live in the Light of Christ.”

All core subjects are taught at John Knox, including Science and MathLanguage and LiteratureSocial Studies and Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Formal instrumental music begins in Grade 4 with the recorder, and in Grades 5 -8, students will choose and master another musical instrument, such as a trumpet, trombone, clarinet, baritone, sax, etc.  We currently integrate coding into the curriculum in  Grade 5 and Grade 8, and this will continue to expand across all grades.

Drama is integrated into the regular curriculum, across the grades as deemed beneficial; however we offer a full-year drama program to our students in grades 7 & 8 with a culminating year-end production. 

In addition, our Bible program aims to deepen the students' awareness of and gratitude for God's immeasurable compassion and grace, while at the same time motivating them to make an informed commitment to Christ as Saviour and Lord. Bible is taught in all grades and biblical morals, values and principles are integrated into all areas of learning.

The study of French allows and encourages the students to grow in their appreciation of Canada's two cultures and bilingual population. Formal French begins in Kindergarten, and all students are taught by our French teacher. 

JKCS has a well-equipped Media Center and Library, and mobile class set of Chrome Books. All students have use of the library, media center and chrome books on a regular basis. We have a strong focus on reading at JKCS, including an Accelerated Reader program for students in Grades 2 – 6.


JKCS has a well-equipped Media Center and Library, and mobile class set of Chrome Books.


Our children (grades 1 and 5) are really enjoying the school. They have made friends quickly. They look forward to going to school each day. They love learning about God and taking part in prayers and songs to praise him. As parents we like the small school size and the fact that our girls can see each other throughout the day. The dance classes and hot lunches are a nice bonus, too!
— Karen and Adrian, Parents at JKCS