Our programs are designed to create authentic and rigorous learning experiences for all students


Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education’s expectations and is supplemented by a variety of curriculum resources including that of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), and Christian Schools International (CSI). 

Our classrooms will foster “High Quality Student Work”; putting less emphasis on the amount of material covered and memorized and more on making connections, thinking through issues, and solving problems. Learning will concentrate more on the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating).

We want our students to be reflective leaders of their own learning, supporting them to produce high-quality work as they complete their daily learning activities, set individualized goals, create projects, and author presentations.  We target the traits of self-assessment, creativity, collaboration, effective communication skills, and critical thinking. Our approach encompasses characteristics from Differentiated Instruction, 21st Century Learning, Project Based Learning, and Expeditionary Learning.  It is our vision to equip students to “learn, grow and live in the Light of Christ.”


Our exceptional staff, excellent programs, and first-rate curriculum have helped us earn a reputation for turning out graduates who are "rooted in faith" and "growing in knowledge."